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  • CFF Léman 2030 – Lausanne-Renens

    Role: Art Direction Credits: Taz-communication Studio Banana


    Thriving in the Future A Responsible Leader’s Guide to Sustainability by Allen Morrison and Heidi Strebel (IMD Global CEO Center) IMD Publishing, 2015 Sustainability and responsible leadership are more than hot boardroom topics. They are the key to a successful future for every company, large or small, across the globe. But do the enormous technical […]

  • Luma7 for Business

    Luma7 is a solution based on an algorithm that analyses text content, understands what are the relations in that content and how they link. To know more visit

  • IMD – Campus presentation

  • Pix4D – Icon Set

    User Interface Icons. A user interface icon, symbolizes a command, file, device or directory. UI icons are also used to represent actions like trash, print, save, etc. They are usually visual metaphors simplified so that they are appropriate for use at small sizes.

  • IMD – Building + Logo animation