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  • Nixin – Typeface Design

    Subscribe for news about the typeface If you are looking to buy the typeface, please visit our SHOP and subscribe above. I just finished a kickstarter campaign for this typeface, so and I’m still organizing a few things for the delivery.   A nixie tube is a technology from the 50’s used to display numerals […]

  • CFF Léman 2030 – Lausanne-Renens

    Role: Art Direction Credits: Taz-communication Studio Banana


    Thriving in the Future A Responsible Leader’s Guide to Sustainability by Allen Morrison and Heidi Strebel (IMD Global CEO Center) IMD Publishing, 2015 Sustainability and responsible leadership are more than hot boardroom topics. They are the key to a successful future for every company, large or small, across the globe. But do the enormous technical […]

  • Luma7 for Business

    Luma7 is a solution based on an algorithm that analyses text content, understands what are the relations in that content and how they link. To know more visit

  • IMD – Campus presentation

  • Pix4D – Icon Set

    User Interface Icons. A user interface icon, symbolizes a command, file, device or directory. UI icons are also used to represent actions like trash, print, save, etc. They are usually visual metaphors simplified so that they are appropriate for use at small sizes.

  • IMD – Building + Logo animation

  • Valais Digital

  • Luma7, Concept Discovery Engine

    Luma7  is a place where you can Build Mindmaps Automatically and find new idea connections to kick-start your creative process It started because it’s very hard to have ideas “on-demand”, and because we are always primed by the ideas and knowledge that we already have, every time we try to be creative.   This is a very […]

  • Pix4D – Branding and Visual Identity

    Pix4D is a swiss startup developing software for processing aerial images taken by  lightweight UAV or aircraft, and converting into geo-referenced 2D mosaics and 3D surface models and point clouds. Kinobrand was commissioned to develop a full branding project, starting with strategical aspects and developing the full brand identity for Pix4D.   The concept developed for this project was […]

  • International Menuhin Music Academy


  • Digital Wealth Management ICE3


  • Make it look Green: How green design *might* look fake and dull.

  • Creative Mornings Geneva

    I’m very happy to announce  that we are now organizing the creative mornings Geneva. If you never heard about it you might wonder what is it all about. Basically CreativeMornings is a monthly morning gathering people in creative fields started by Tina Roth Eisenberg (swiss miss) in New York.. Think about TED, but with a different […]

  • RMG – Risk Management Group

    . Have a look at their website:   RMG is a B2B brand that delivers non tangible products and therefore relies heavily on the power of the brand and it’s touchpoints as a channel to convey its values. The website is thus a key tool in the communication strategy for RMG and has to be […]

  • Museeka – Motion Design

    Museeka is a music streaming service with a unique proposition; to analyse the musical DNA of each song and help users find new music that they might like. Any project that’s related with the music field is always exiting; normally there is a good degree of freedom and the target audience is in general quite […]

  • Geneva Songs

    Geneva Songs is a music label and publishing company based in Geneva, and active in POP, DANCE and RnB genres. check it online at  

  • helee

    Helee is a brand dedicated to produce ties. It is targeted to men and women between the ages of 25 to 45 with a high sense of design and style. The concept for the logo is very simple; a middle “L” as a metaphor for a tie and a composition with a high typeface to […]

  • Gaius Ingenium – Branding

    With offices both in Brussels and Lausanne-Switzerland, Gaius ingenium provides advisory resourcing and payroll services in the European market, and it was involved in a full branding approach from start. This was a project touching everything from brand audit to motion graphics, passing of course by logo and identity design. The website can be visited […]

  • Babel, Visual identity Sectio Divina

    From the creative chaos to the destruction of common sense there we find the pinnacle of the ascent to the divine: The act of creation. Babel is a meeting place where several cultures collide and the only thing in common is creativity. Babel is a creativity club promoting workshops, exhibitions, conferences, debates, and anything that […]

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