How to build brand personality.

Probably one of the most repeated ideas that a designer will tell a client in the first meeting is that a brand is not a logo. There is a lot of work behind the curtains helping establish the “look and feel” of a brand that the public is not aware of. The branding process involves a lot of non-graphical thought because before having the “look” of a brand we need to define the “feel”.

One of the tools that will help this goal is a visual statement associating the brand with elements that people are already familiar with. With this exercise the characteristics of those elements will be extrapolated to the brand helping  it to be perceived with the right personality.

This tool usually is never intended to be public and it works as a backstage element that will help guide the branding process for everyone involved with the brand. But how does it works?  These are the kinobrand personality boards, and we are sharing here to help demystify what a branding process is.

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