• An imperfect notion of perfection

    How many times did you try to make something perfect? In western culture Perfection (concept imported from the ancient Greeks) is always highly desirable and is perceived as the ultimate level to achieve. On the other hand in Japanese culture the concept of wabi-sabi embraces ideas like imperfection, impermanence and incompleteness. In nature symmetry is […]

  • Concept in design; signs of an abusive relationship.

    A concept is no less then a meta-definition of an idea that should be contained in the design. More often than not this concept is explicit and self-explanatory, but in many occasions this doesn’t happen. Design as a discipline has been suffering for some years from a minor arts stigma. Because of this at some […]

  • Digital 2.0 – ipad, tablets, and new uses of technology

    At  >moser design we have developed a new application for the iPad that intended to show the new possibilities of the device and how it can be used in a commercial and educational environment. This is intended to be used as a demo tool and to answer some questions like: How does the Ipad works […]

  • An Interview with Interactive Designer Camille Scherrer

    Camille Scherrer is a swiss designer that perfectly combines augmented reality and with graphic design resulting in projects that are both cutting edge and elegant. Currently working at the EPFL+ECAL lab, Camille likes to say that she plays at the intersection of technology and art, and she agreed to answer us some questions about her […]

  • Offf Paris 2010

    I’m off to Offf Paris 2010 for 3 days, and I’ll be updating here the latest news. Follow me on tweeter and make sure you check out their blog. See you guys there!

  • Les Sports, La Tele

    Motion Graphics done at >moser design for La tele (regional TV broadcaster in Switzerland) You can check out the show live here

  • Minimalism is artificial. Why do we love it?

    Nature tends to entropy, so why do we love minimalism so much a contra-nature feature? Minimalism is artificial. We cannot find minimalist in nature in a non artificial way (not recurring to specialized tools to see atoms for instance), or in a pure state like a perfect sphere. Consider an Atom as the building block […]

  • Visual code designers; the right / left brain dillema.

    A new kind of designer is emerging on the face of the new mediums of technology and information. Mobile devices, tablets, the proliferation of connectivity and the open source democratization are some of the reasons for this new paradigm. We are used to think that  designers often work mainly with the right side of the […]

  • VIV Mag Featurette: A Digital Magazine Motion Cover and Feature for the iPad

    VIV Mag Featurette: A Digital Magazine Motion Cover and Feature for the iPad from Alexx Henry on Vimeo.

  • Traditional media deserve to die.

    With the introduction of tablets and better mobile devices, as well as a good network, newspapers and magazines are destined to be a rare sight, and just for the aficionados, much like the vinyl. This shift will change faster than expected essentially because it’s a win-win-win situation. Publishers win – selling more magazines as distribution […]

  • Ramashandran / the perception of motion

    Ramashandran / the perception of motion

  • How to manipulate in design using metaphors.

    One of the challenges to design is to create artifacts with the smallest learning curve to the user. A good design is one that is self-evident and easy to use (hence the famous Mies van der Rohe less is more). Design frequently uses metaphors, which are nothing less than the interpolation of the meaning between […]

  • poh-e=tre mel[=o]di kem-3-stre

    There are three primordial elements in life; Poetry, Melody and Chemistry.

  • Piggy the brave

    Piggy the brave is a project composed by 10 different illustrations for a kid’s story. “And Rooster Redwattle and Cat Meow brought eight more sandwiches and eight eggs and one platter of porridge. And it ate it all. Fine.” “Great clock struck twelve and the moon watched in from the window then the Owl Oakhead […]

  • Start a fire, stop a life

    Many animals are killed every year due to fires started by humans. Trees – paper – animals – origami – paper – trees.

  • The universal fool

  • Limpa Chaminés.

    Christmas Postal, 2005 photo by Sónia Sapinho In Portugal we have these Chimney Sweeps that claim that it “does not dirty the house” So you should hire their services in preparation for Santa to come in.

  • Augmented Reality 09

    Here is an experiment with Augmented reality back in 2009, produced with the FLAR toolkit. The live version is long gone, but there’s still a video showing how it worked.

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